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By ShyloLove

Heart Songs & Conscious Talk Radio Archives

Listen in to one or all 11 episodes of the syndicated talk radio program with hosts Shylo Love & Haley Love.  These episodes were broadcast on the Voice America 7th Wave Network in 2011.



Ep 1. Healing, Visible Music & the Sound Bubble with John Stuart Reid

Ep 2: Vocal Toning, Chakra Healing & Ancient Solfeggio with JoyOne

Ep 3:  “Global Harmony & Sound Intention with Jonathan Goldman

Ep 4. Sustainable Living in Harmony with Earth with rob in the page family

Ep 5. Discussions With A Clairvoyant, 2012, The Shift and Your Vibration with Gillian DeArmond

Ep 6. Enlightened Sacred Sexuality, Juicy Talk with Satyen Raja

Ep 7. High Vibrational Sustenance & The Sacred Love Bean with David Wolfe

Ep 9. The Reconnection: Scientifically Quantified Healing Frequencies with Christine Upchurch

Ep 10. Divine Dance with the Resonance of Sensuality Consciousness with Leyola Antara

Ep 11. Electronic Awakening, Collective Transcen-Dance of Conscious Music Culture with AC Johner

Ep 12. Frequencies of a New Paradigm, Featuring Films by Ben Stewart

Due to financial and time constraints the recorded shows were never produced and will likely never air. NEW UPCOMING TALK SHOWS: David Tonner/Zeitgeist, Foster Gamble/THRIVE, Ben Stewart & rob in the page family/UNGRIP, Velcrow Ripper/Scared Sacred & Occupy Love, Don Miguel Ruiz/The Four Agreements, Mastery of Love.· RAP NEWS will be a regular feature!· Also… seeking worldwide reporters for the “real media”, the new media of which Heart Songs Media syndicates…

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